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Listen to your network - Complete log data analysis and IT management

NEW! GFI EventsManager 2013 – now with active network and server monitoring

GFI EventsManager® provides real-time and complete event log data management integrated with IT infrastructure and operations monitoring. Its unique approach to incident detection and remediation make it as efficient for security incidents as for network failures or service outages.

GFI EventsManager will help you with:

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Use GFI EventsManager to:

Security information and event management – SIEM

Protect against threats by detecting suspicious activity, monitoring security policies, security-related mechanisms (such as encryption, authentication and authorization), and applications (such as antivirus or firewall).

Event log data centralization and consolidation for compliance

Prove accountability for the actions occurring in your IT environment by collecting, analyzing, normalizing and consolidating log data from across the network. Cover your event log data-related requirements of PCI DSS, HIPAA, SOX and more.

Active IT Infrastructure and operations monitoring

Actively detect IT issues using check-based and real-time monitoring of the availability, functionality, usage and performance of your entire network, from network devices, workstations and servers to applications, business, infrastructure services and network protocols.

Makes sense of event log data – operational intelligence

Log data comes in high volumes and is cryptic by nature, but at the same time it contains loads of useful information about what is going on in your environment. GFI EventsManager interprets and translates log data, delivering operational intelligence and bringing visibility and insight into business operations.

Proactive monitoring based on log data

Get proactive in detecting problems before they occur and affect your business, simplify your IT management by having debug data from the assets that failed in the same console that sends the failure alert.


Supports a wide range of log types such as Windows, syslog, text-based files, W3C, SNMP traps, XML, SQL Server and Oracle, etc., enabling monitoring of servers, workstations, network devices and applications.

Forensic investigation

In case of litigation or security incidents, advanced filtering capabilities and drill-down log browsing enables advance forensic investigation of user and network activity.


Can comfortably report on over 2 billion log entries with average server hardware. Even works in highly distributed and secure environments, where there is no persistent connection between sites.