VIPRE Premium

Endpoint Security with a Small Footprint

VIPRE is ThreatTrack Security’s small-footprint antivirus solution for enterprises, educational institutions, government agencies and organizations of all sizes. Optimized to quickly scan for threats without slowing down PCs, VIPRE actively secures more than 10 million endpoints around the world and has been the preferred solution for IT security professionals for years. Through the easy-to-use VIPRE console, administrators can centrally manage antivirus protection for PCs, Macs and Android devices as well as mobile security for iPhones, iPads and Android smartphones and tablets.

The VIPRE Roaming service, new to version 7, allows endpoints to stay connected to the management server, even when they are off the network. Support remote workers that never connect to your network, VIPRE allows those agents to be managed remotely using secure communications with our cloud-based Roaming Service. End resultyou can manage remote machines just like they are on the network!

VIPRE Business Premium includes all the features of VIPRE Antivirus Business with the addition of patch management, firewall protection, malicious website blocker, anti-phishing filter and protection for Hyper-V Server.


  • Minimizes CPU and memory usage
  • Centralizes PC, Mac and Mobile Device Management
  • Patches vulnerable, out-of-date software applications
  • Scans removable devices for threats upon insertion
  • Protects against email viruses and phishing scams
  • Removes your existing antivirus from all machines
  • Identifies unprotected and infected network PCs
  • Manages off network devices from a single console
  • Includes free technical support by phone, email or chat

Small-Footprint Anti-Malware Security

VIPRE is optimized to scan for threats quickly, protecting against viruses, spyware, Trojans, rootkits, bots and other malware without draining resources or slowing down machines. In fact, it works so quietly in the background that users won’t notice it’s running (even during scans).

Mobile Device Management

With BYOD the new norm, it’s critical to secure the mobile devices that access your network. VIPRE makes it easy to do just that, with remote wipe, lock and unlock features for smartphones and tablets. Android protection also includes antivirus and remote alarm and locate features and iPad and iPhone protection also includes password enforcement.

Mac Desktop and Laptop Security

The old adage that “Macs don’t get infected” is no longer true. As the popularity of these devices increases, so do attacks against them. On top of that, Macs can act as carriers for Windows threats too. VIPRE keeps Macs on your network secure and includes a dedicated policy that lets you configure and manage antivirus on these devices from the VIPRE console.

Patch Management

Did you know most malware infections and data breaches stem from security vulnerabilities in out-of-date software? Relying on your users to patch their machines themselves may not be the best idea. Especially when they’ve been trained NOT to click on unknown pop-ups and, as a result, often ignore critical software updates. That is where VIPRE Business Premium can help.

VIPRE Business Premium scans your Windows PCs to identify out-of-date versions of Adobe, Java and other non-Windows software applications and automatically applies the latest updates to them.

Real-Time Threat Detection

Zero-day threats are zero problem for VIPRE, which leverages Active Protection™, heuristics and other highly sophisticated detection methods to monitor and protect against threats. The VIPRE threat definitions update also incorporates live data from VIPRE Labs and other detection sources which process hundreds of thousands of threat samples per day.

Removable Device Scanning

Who knows what your users store on their flash drives! VIPRE doesn’t take any chances, auto-scanning USB flash drives and other removable media when plugged or inserted into PCs.

Removal of your Existing Antivirus

We know you don’t have the time to manually remove your existing antivirus from every machine. So VIPRE
does it for you. This ensures an environment free of other antivirus agents and eliminates conflicts on the
network during installation.

World-Class Support

Have a question or need help? VIPRE’s technical support team is available by phone, email or online chat at no additional cost.

Exclusive Premium Features

VIPRE Business Premium includes all the security features of VIPRE Antivirus Business with the addition of a firewall to control incoming/outgoing Internet traffic and:

  • Patch Management – Prevents the number one cause of malware infections and attacks by auto-updating out-of-date software
  • Bad Website Blocker – Blocks traffic to malicious sites, preventing users from accessing these sites
    and compromising their machines
  • Anti-phishing – Automatically strips phishing links from emails before they reach your users’ inboxes