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Tackle Internet-related productivity issues and security risks once and for all.

The Internet is a tool that very few businesses can do without. Cut yourself off the web and you’re left alone. Some might argue that that’s not a bad thing. After all, research by IDC shows that up to 40% of employee activity online is not work-related. The Internet is unfortunately synonymous with malicious code and cybercriminals hell-bent on getting to your network. Internet monitoring and access control software will significantly improve productivity, keep the bad guys out and stop the myriad of threats from impacting your network.

Monitor, control and secure Internet usage on your network

With GFI WebMonitor, you can monitor your employees’ browsing habits and downloads through granular, interactive drill-down reports. Managing access or blocking non workrelated websites boosts employee productivity. Additionally, real-time scanning using up to three antivirus engines together with malicious URL filtering is designed to prevent malware from being downloaded onto your network. Blocking can be ‘soft’, where employees receive a warning that a particular policy is being violated or “complete” where access is totally disabled.

Web categorization and reputation-based filtering policies for over 460,000,000 URLs

GFI WebMonitor allows you to block access to specific websites as well as define web filtering policies, allowing or restricting access to particular categories of websites on a per user, per IP or department basis. You can manage access for websites in categories, such as adult material, online gaming, personal email, travel websites, P2P, social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and many others. GFI WebMonitor features WebGrade™ that provides URL coverage for more than 460,000,000 domains and is updated every day.

Application control

Keeping malware from getting onto the network is a number one priority, but a major challenge for IT admins is the control of applications that connect to the Internet. System administrators need to manage apps that can upload, edit and post files, folders, and/ or post status updates on social sites. With GFI WebMonitor, an admin can manage supported applications from a single console.

Time and bandwidth based browsing policies, and blocking for streaming media

GFI WebMonitor enables granular control over Internet usage in terms of download size and source, based on user/IP, time window, and more. You can create multiple user/group/IP-based control policies to reflect security and productivity policies in the organization.

WebInsights for Smart Businesses

The WebInsights dashboards deliver unprecedented visibility into key web activity and security metrics by creating a baseline for user behavior based on historical activity. WebInsights put the raw data into context, covering bandwidth consumption, security incidents or productivity concerns.

This makes it much easier to know the status of your network when compared to the day before, a couple of weeks ago or last month. To read more about WebInsights, visit: