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Quickly spot and fix issues on your servers and workstations with ControlMonitoring

With ControlMonitoring IT admins get complete visibility into the health and performance of their company’s network. Monitor your servers, workstations and laptops to ensure they are operating at peak efficiency.


Be proactive and take control

ControlMonitoring enables you to monitor and manage hardware failures and other irregularities before they impact operations, providing complete visibility into the status of your network.

Easy to deploy and manage

Right away, automatic checks will start reporting on the status of your network, and configurable alerts keep you informed of issues needing attention. Corrective actions, such as remotely rebooting a server save you time and maintain peak availability.

Fix issues without disrupting end users

With remote administration tools you no longer have to leave your desk, or interrupt end users to find and fix issues. Run commands, processes, utilities, and PowerShell scripts on remote PCs directly from the web console.

Performance monitoring

Performance monitoring gives IT admins easy access to a 30-day history of memory, processor and disk I/O utilization on computers to help pin-point issues and fix them before business productivity suffers.