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Fix computers wherever they are from wherever you are with ControlRemote

ControlRemote enables IT admins to access and control computers remotely, even when unattended. Just one click opens a fast, secure connection from the GFI Cloud console. Wherever the end-points are, you can deliver support from the convenience of your own workspace.


Managing remote workers is challenging

Technology makes it easier for end users to work away from the office – but whether at home or on-the-go, mobile workers expect the same level of service from IT. Managing these disparate endpoints can be challenging. Desk-side visits are both time consuming and costly, while talking end-users through checks over the phone can be disruptive with questionable results.

Manage remote workers the easy way

The ability to take control of computers over the internet is an essential part of an IT admin’s tool-kit. It helps you stay on top of an ever increasing workload, with no geographic boundaries. Without travel delays, support becomes more immediate; offering end-users faster resolutions while reducing support costs.

Provide less disruptive support

ControlRemote allows you to remote into a machine without having to enter any additional passwords. You can work on machines as if you were sitting right in front of them with fast responses and optimized performance powered by TeamViewer®.

Combining ControlRemote with other services in the ControlNow platform helps you catch and address issues before your users are even aware of them.