GFI EventsManager® eases the burden on administrators and reduces costs.

Listen to your data - Log data analysis and IT monitoring made easy. The huge volume of log data generated is an invaluable source of information for system administrators. 

Real-time network-wide log data management and analysis is needed to achieve adequate security, business continuity and reliability, but with hundreds of thousands of log entries being generated daily, managing them is a challenge. The unique combination of log data analysis with active IT monitoring not only shows you what the problem is, but also helps in identifying the cause of the problem, all from the same console. 

GFI EventsManager also helps you to:

  • Gather information from virtually any source at a high level of granularity and depth 
  • Obtain a detailed view of what is happening across various environments thanks to the variety of log types which are supported 
  • Track and report on Oracle and SQL server activities such as alteration of DB tables, attempts to access data without necessary privileges, etc. 
  • Provide reliable data sources for forensic investigations. 

GFI EventsManager for security information and event management

GFI EventsManager is able to analyze security-related log data in real time. This way you can detect security incidents and analyze them in detail to find out who is responsible for them. At the same time, you can monitor the configuration, availability and functionality of security-related mechanisms, applications and services as well as related privileged user activity. 

GFI EventsManager for IT infrastructure and operations monitoring and management

Using GFI EventsManager you can actively monitor the availability, functionality, usage and performance of your entire IT infrastructure: network protocols, network devices, network infrastructure, servers, services, endpoints and applications, all in real time and from a single console. 

GFI EventsManager for regulatory compliance

By offering log data collection, normalization and multi-layered consolidation, GFI EventsManager plays an important role in meeting the log data availability retention and reviewing requirements of regulatory bodies and acts including: Basel II, PCI Data Security Standard, Sarbanes-Oxley Act, Gramm-Leach-Billey Act, HIPAA, FISMA, USA Patriot Act, Turnbull Guidance 1999, UK Data Protection Act, EU DPD. 

GFI EventsManager for forensic investigation

Log data is a reference point when something goes wrong, providing a history of detailed information about how electronic systems are used that is often required when you need to carry out forensic investigations due to litigations involving actions carried out via electronic means. GFI EventsManager provides timely in-house forensic investigation capabilities of log data across your network – freeing you of expensive outsourced consultancy and audit costs. 

Deeper granular control of events

GFI EventsManager helps you monitor a wider range of systems and devices through the centralized logging and analysis of various log types. Administrators can gather information at a great level of granularity, process it at extended tags level and then use the it to take decisions without the need of further information management.